#ETRR Guest Post Guidelines

Please note this is a chance for personal bloggers only to gain exposure. This is not for advertising.

  1. You must be a blogger with an active site.  For the members of ETRR community, you can submit your blog to Chris immediately.
  2.  The post needs to be an original piece and should be a text file or link to existing post (750 – 1500 words)
  3.  You can send us Images to use and specify where to put it if you have them, otherwise, we can source relevant images if you  inform us
  4. Please specify the keyword that you wish your blog post to relate/rank for (SEO)
  5. You can include up to two links back to your blog in the body, and links to your social accounts in the bio.No affiliate links. No paid links to commercial sites.
  6.  Include your profile picture and URL that you wish us to add to the end

We have several blog post that you  can check here on this link https://www.etrr.online/blog/

Finally, ETRR  reserves the right to edit or refuse any post that does not follow those guidelines

Cheers To your Success !!


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