Speak directly with Christian Rodwell, Founder of Escape The Rat Race, to map out your very own personalised 12 month Escape Plan.

What’s your current Escape Plan?

Imagine walking into work tomorrow and being told that your company was going to have to let you go at the end of the month.

How would that make you feel?

What’s your current backup plan? Or is your current monthly pay cheque your only source of income?

If that’s the case, then you absolutely must begin to take action in learning how to generate additional pillars of wealth which will provide you with peace of mind, and allow you to live a life with more freedom.

Sometimes it can be hard to see a clear way forwards by yourself, and you may not necessarily have the right people around you to advise you on what options are available to help you to start learning the skills required to build your own business, or to generate additional income streams alongside your full time job.

The purpose of the Escape Plan Call is to challenge your current thinking and open your eyes to what’s possible.

It’s a real conversation, an opportunity for you to open up and share what you really want from your life, resulting in a plan of action for you to begin following immediately.

The ‘Escape Plan’ call is a great starting point if:
  • You’re at the start of your journey and exploring all of the options available to you, and whether making the transition away from your 9-5 job is the right thing to do
  • You want more Freedom and control over your time, but you’re struggling to find the right path by yourself, and you need help recalibrating and focusing on the ‘One Thing’, but more importantly knowing what the ‘Right Thing’ is for you to move forwards

Prior to your call you will be sent some questions by Christian to complete which will help you to focus on exactly the areas that you most wish to explore.

NOTE: All information shared prior, during, and after the call is strictly confidential. No information will be shared with anybody other than Christian and yourself.

Immediately after checkout you will receive an email which will include 2 important links. The first link will take you to the online calendar where you can select the date and time you would like to arrange your 1-2-1 Escape Plan Call with Christian Rodwell. The second link will take you to an online questionnaire which will ask you a series of detailed and thought provoking questions which you must complete at least 48hrs before your 1-2-1 call.  [Approx Time Frame: 60 minutes]

Your 1-2-1 online video call with Christian Rodwell. During this call Christian will review the answers you provided via the online questionnaire with you, probing further in order to help you find the answers that will help you to create a clear vision of what it is that you truly wish to achieve. We’ll also review the five key asset classes and identify existing areas which you may not be fully leveraging which could dramatically accelerate your Escape The Rat Race Day. [Time Frame: 60 minutes]

Your Personalised Escape Plan. Within 24 hours of your 1-2-1 Call you will receive, by email, a copy of your personalised Escape Plan. Use this as your road map to navigate your way forwards in your bid to escape your 9-5 and build your own long-term wealth [Preparation Time: 60 mins]

‘’Choosing ‘what’ you are going to do, is not as important as understanding ‘why’ you want to do it.’’ – Christian Rodwell

Christian Rodwell

Christian Rodwell

Founder, Escape The Rat Race

Christian’s mission is simply to help inspire those looking to make the transition from employee to entrepreneur, and to provide them with the support and the tools to shortcut their journey to a life with more freedom.

At the end of 2014, after spending 16 successful years working within the UK Dance Music Industry managing world renowned DJ’s & Artists for both Positiva Records and Cr2, I decided to quit my job and setup the Escape The Rat Race Meetup Group.

But the reality of transitioning from being an ’employee’ to running your own business was something that you can’t really prepare for by reading a few books. The first 12 months was tough.

That being said, within the first 12 months of setting up the Escape The Rat Race monthly Meetup event, over 1000 frustrated employees had joined the movement and were learning new skills and sharing what was working and what wasn’t among one another.

The second year, things started clicking together, but it still wasn’t easy.

The third year, was the toughest of them all.

I know exactly the struggles and difficulties you have endured so far, and probably still are on a daily basis.

You’re probably frustrated by how long everything takes, frustrated by the lack of success you’ve seen so far, and have had many moments where you’ve questioned whether you should bother at all.

Ive been through it all, and I speak with people every day who are on exactly the same journey as you.

I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, that we will figure out what works and what doesn’t work if we work together, much quicker than if you try to go it alone.

If you want proof, then check out some of these #escapees stories.

What’s covered during your ‘Escape Plan’ Call?

What's happening right now

The first step in mapping out your Personal Escape Plan is to get clear on what’s good, and what’s not so good right now. We’ll take a big picture look at your current work/ life balance, before honing in to identify core areas to focus on immediately.

Your Future Vision

If you don’t have a clear picture in your head of what the end goal looks like, how will you ever know when you’ve reached it? We’ll use some visualisation techniques to help you piece together a vision of what ‘winning’ means to you, and then capture that so you can crystallise that feeling within.

What Excites You

If you’re considering giving up a regular income and so called stability from having a job, then you need to make sure that what it is that you are going to be focusing your efforts on in your new business is something that you really love doing, and that you will continue to feel passionate about – even when you hit bumps in the road.

Leveraging the 5 Key Assets

If you want to create, build and protect your wealth, achieving true financial freedom along the way, then you absolutely must start to focus on building your asset base. Assets allow money to work hard for you, rather than you having to trade your own time in order to generate revenue. We’ll identify current assets you may own which are not being fully leveraged, as well as identifying your primary asset class for building your own wealth.

Action Plan

Through strategic questioning Christian will help you to unearth what’s really driving your desire to Escape The Rat Race, and assemble some action points unique to you upon which you can begin to start making changes in your life. These could be new habits, changes in how your think about certain things, or connections to people who can help you get to where you want to faster. You’ll receive a copy of your own personal Escape Plan emailed to you, and a copy of the video call recording. All details are kept strictly confidential and private.

Christian is endeavoured to free people from the traditional, archaic concepts of saving money and to utilise it in a more efficient and effective way and helping to identify which path is right for them.

Whenever you’re stuck, Christian is the man to get you moving again.

Stefano Maestranzi

Artist and Designer

I attended one of the workshops hosted by ETRR two months ago where I met Christian and learned more about what he does. I highly recommend working with him. He is very professional and friendly, he has great knowledge of business, coaching and mentoring and has helped to put me in touch with several people through his network. I feel that the short time I have been working with Christian so far has already been of tremendous value.

Richiko Olrichs

Global Communications Manager

Whether you are looking to build a side-hustle for extra income or to quit your job and make a radical leap into entrepreneurship, Chris and his associates are a great resource you can use to make a plan and then execute on it. Chris is friendly, approachable and knowledgeable and understands that there are multiple paths you can choose to reach your goals.

Gareth Thompson


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