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Workshop For Women-How To Get Clear On Your Purpose & Boost Your Confidence

July 12 @ 6:45 pm - 8:45 pm

Do you look at your life and have a feeling that you’re destined for something greater? 
Do you think there’s some other activity more aligned to who you truly are? 
Do you feel you’ve not yet fulfilled your potential?  

Many of us believe that there is a life purpose that we are destined to live but struggle to identify what that is! Our journey to find our purpose feels like driving down the motorway with a fogged up windshield meaning we can get a bit lost along the way.
On the other hand perhaps you know what your purpose is but are not sure how to get there? Or you lack the confidence to pursue it? Maybe you try to pursue it but get pulled off course by shiny pennies that don’t leave you feeling fulfilled?
If any of that resonates then be reassured that all the answers you need lie within you and this workshop is designed to help you uncover that. 

In this workshop you will learn:

What is currently jamming your radar to tune into your purpose

Powerful processes to get clear on your purpose 

A technique to light up the path that will get you there

The kind of power that will give you the confidence you need to pursue it

12th  JULY 2018

Stephanie Aitken is an experienced speaker, trainer and coach who is passionate about connecting women with their natural power so that they can live their best life and make their difference in the world.  She spent 10 years working as an in-house lawyer for MTV and Channel 4 but she couldn’t help but thinking deep down “this isn’t me; there’s more to me than this!” But she pushed on through until suffering from such bad repetitive strain injury in her arms she couldn’t even type. Feeling frustrated, knowing there was another way but unsure of what the next step could be in her career she plunged into her own personal development; and through that discovered her passion for helping people transform themselves.Stephanie quit law and re-trained in NLP, transformational group facilitation, business communication skills, speaker training and a unique set of techniques for coaching women.She now loves bringing her expertise to support large corporates, start up entrepreneurs and individuals. In her spare time she loves practising yoga, dancing with abandon and having deep and meaningful conversations.

Disclaimer: You will not be handed a fortune cookie with a magical revelation inside nor will you receive a psychic reading predicting your future. What you will receive are tools and techniques to empower YOU to find the clarity and confidence for yourself!

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For every general ticket sold to this workshop ETRR will provide 5 days of access to school books to orphaned children in Thailand through our partnership with B1G1. Click Here For More Information