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A 24-7 member recently asked what the SSI score meant and whether it was important.

LinkedIn have a lot of data on us, a LOT of data, and they believe they have spotted patterns in this data that reveals what the top sales people do on LinkedIn, and they have produced a ‘Best Practice’ model, at least for sales success on LinkedIn.

And they have put together a tool that compares your LinkedIn activities with this ‘best practice’ model, called your Social Selling Index, or SSI. Your SSI score shows how your activity pattern matches up with what the high achievers (according to LinkedIn) are doing. That’s it, its not your rank relative to everyone else on LinkedIn.

Ohhh Kayyy…. Pass the salt, I’d like a pinch if I may.

A tad presumptive, as in this assumes all we are on LinkedIn for is to make sales. Its actually not an unreasonable assumption – but sales is by no means ALL we are doing here on LinkedIn, and most people mature away from that single goal as they realize the many other benefits (goals en route to sales) branding, marketing, education, SOCIAL NETWORKING !!

How should you use your SSI? Just like your Klout score, check your own score for trends, are things improving or in decline, and see if you can get some indication of what you may be doing well, or maybe could do better. But don’t bother comparing with anyone else, its like comparing Apples and Pears – yip they are both fruit but… Other people are on a different journey to you and are using different Social Media Strategies and Content to achieve their own goals…

OK, to check your own SSI, login to your LinkedIn account then in another browser window navigate to this URL https://www.linkedin.com/sales/ssi, and relax whatever the values are – no need to check every hour, monthly is plenty enough.

I found this article that covers it nicely. How Important is the #LinkedIn #SSI Score? https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/how-important-is-the-linkedin-ssi-score/518122/ … via socialmedia2day


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