12 Month Membership providing you with VIP Access to Meetups, mentors, workshops and the complete archive of guest speaker presentations in full.


Escape The Rat Race…within 12 months launched in 2015 as a monthly meetup event, with the mission of providing a supportive and friendly environment for like-minded people to learn and discuss topics around Personal Development and starting a new business . The group was Founded by Christian Rodwell, an ex music industry professional who had grown tired of the daily grind of commuting in London to sit behind a desk for 8 hours (often much longer) every day. Within the first 12 months of the group’s existence, over 1000 frustrated employees had joined the community, and each month a variety of guest speakers would be invited to come and share their own story of how they followed their heart and successfully broke free of the 9-5, and why they have never looked back. As #ETRR now moves into its fourth year of holding events, the community is stronger than ever, with members all over the world who contribute via the #ETRR Private Facebook Group and a growing army of #escapees who now have their own stories to share.


If you’ve never attended one of our monthly meetup events and would like to ‘try before you buy’, we would love to invite you along to the next available meeting. Click the link below and you’ll be able to pick a date and register your details to claim free entry for you and a friend!


Gain access to all of our monthly meetup events and start connecting with other members of the community who are on the same pathway as you. If you can’t make the London events, you can still benefit from becoming a member by receiving access to all of the monthly recordings, not just for the next 12 months, but also from every guest speaker since the launch in 2015!


  • Connect with a network of people who can help you to learn new strategies for generating cash flow, that can fit alongside your full time job
  • Join a supportive community of like-minded aspiring entrepreneurs who will hold you accountable every month
  • Expand your knowledge and gain access to a wide range of experienced and trusted mentors in business, property and investing
  • Learn about ways to create financial independence for yourself so that you do not need to worry about a shortage of income when you retire
  • Embrace a creative outlet that allows you to share your thoughts about potential business ideas, and encourages you to take action by identifying your ideal customers and gaining valuable feedback before proceeding
  • Start living your life with more freedom to do the things that are most important to you


Entry to 10 #ETRR Monthly Meetup Events featuring world class guest speakers [Value £100]

The Escape The Rat Race Monthly Meetup Event has been taking place on the first Wednesday of every month since 2015. Open to everyone who is looking to learn about different strategies to generate more cashflow, these monthly events attract world class speakers sharing their own stories and knowledge on how they have successfully escaped the 9-5. These events are a great opportunity to meet like-minded people, along with fellow Inner Circle members, and find out what others are doing which could help you progress faster in your own journey. Currently, in 2018, our monthly Meetup event takes place at WeWork Chancery Lane [Fox Court], starting at 6pm until 9pm.

10 x Monthly Online Q&A Video Calls exclusively for Inner Circle Members [Hosted by #ETRR Founder, Christian Rodwell + Guest Mentors] [Value £200]

Accountability and mentoring are two of the most important components required when starting a business for the very first time. ‘You don’t know what you don’t know’, and that’s why every month we get all of the Inner Circle members together on an online video call [using Zoom], to dive into your questions in a rapid fire ‘brainstorming and breakthrough’ session together with #ETRR Founder, Christian Rodwell. Each month Christian will invite a special guest mentor to join the call and offer their expert advice on how best you can overcome challenges and approach things in a more entrepreneurially focused way.

Guest Speaker Video Recordings from ETRR001 to ETRR50 (2015-2019) [Value £400]

Since 2015 every month we’ve been inviting successful entrepreneurs, marketing experts, psychologists, career change specialists and personal development coaches at the Escape The Rat Race Monthly Meetup Event in London. Some of the speakers which have been captured on video that you’ll have access to include: Daniel Priestley [Author, Key Person Of Influence], Joanna Martin [One Of Many, Public Speaking Trainer], Gerry Robert [How To Publish A Book & Get Rich], Jonathan Pfahl [CEO, Rockstar Mentoring] and Vanish Patel [How To Raise Property JV Finance]. You’ll not only have exclusive access to every guest speaker recording since we launched, but you’ll be sent the recording from new events each and every month during your membership.

10 x 1 Hr Exclusive 'Mentor Masterclass' [Value £500]

How would you like to be invited to a private, members only 1 hour Masterclass Session every month? The #ETRR Trusted mentors possess a wide range of specialist knowledge and WealthBuilding strategies that can help you get clearer about which is the right path for you to follow and be successful. Every month a different mentor will be chosen to deliver a ‘deep dive’ training into their specialist area where they will be sharing the exact same strategies which they have crafted and refined over many decades, with you. You’ll also have the opportunity for questions and answers with all mentors.

10 Free Passes to attend different #ETRR Workshops & Cashflow 101 Games [Value £200]

No matter what stage of the journey you are currently at, there is always something new to be learned. Every month at Escape The Rat Race we run specialist workshops which focus on specific income generating strategies, led by expert mentors with many years of industry experience. Your membership includes 10 Free Passes (£20 value per workshop) to use yourself or to bring acquaintances along with you. Some of the workshops that take place on rotation include: Property Investing, Amazon FBA, Trend Trading [Forex & Stocks], How To Raise Finance, How To Start A Side Hustle and the very popular Cashflow 101 [Rich Dad Poor Dad Board Game].




60 minute ‘Escape Plan’ call with #ETRR Founder, Christian Rodwell

As soon as you become a member of the #ETRR Inner Circle you will be sent a private booking link to schedule your 1-2-1 60 minute video ‘Escape Plan’ call with Christian Rodwell. You’ll be sent some questions in preparation for the call so that you get maximum value and all the help and advice you need. Whether you’re at the very beginning of your personal development journey, or you’ve already got a business idea in motion, this session will be tailored to give you a more detailed roadmap to follow, and keep you accountable, throughout your 12 month Inner Circle Membership.

Private Members Discussion Forum [Workplace]

As part of your membership to the Inner Circle you will be invited to join our private online group, powered by Workplace. Download the dedicated mobile app to enjoy an enhanced experience and easy access to official Escape The Rat Race training guides, video content and the complete listings for our 2018 events schedule all in one place. You’ll also be able to easily communicate with fellow Inner Circle members and mentors via the chat messenger, either privately or within your own accountability groups, and you have full control over your notification settings to suit your preferences.

Access to ‘Black Book’ of Freelance / & Outsourcing Contacts

When you’re working on setting up your new business and trying to old down a 9-5 job, things can become overwhelming. Not only is time a challenge, but as an aspiring entrepreneur you must learn to focus your time on the tasks that only you can do, and to outsource and delegate everything else. Knowing who to trust with your tasks can be a task of it’s own, so as part of your membership you’ll have access to a wide range of VA’s (Virtual Assistants – dedicated or by the hour), freelance graphic designers, website developers, book keepers, video editors and much more. We’ll also be able to advise you and introduce you to professional contacts such as accountants, solicitors, mortgage brokers to help you build your very own ‘power team’.

I decided at the start of the year that ‘enough was enough’ and I wasn’t going to sit back and let life pass me by any longer. I had already attended a couple of Escape The Rat Race Meetup Events and decided that In order to push myself to take action I would join the Inner Circle. It is only the first month in still but I am already seeing the huge benefits of being part of this extremely supportive community, led by Chris who really does want to help you to achieve your desired goals.

Samantha George

Technical Coordinator

The ETRR Inner Circle is exactly what I was hoping to find after years of trying various options, which fail to deliver the minimum of a mastermind/ support group. This experience also came with a price tag! The Inner Circle offers incredible value for money, it is a brilliant business idea incubator and it feels like a well selected mastermind group. I love the small set up of the workshops, where you can interact on a one-to-one with the mentors. Chris’s work deserves a credit for consistently delivered high content, well established speakers and cutting edge resources. Every event opens new opportunities, presents different business ideas and you always add something to your personal development. I absolutely love it! Thank you Chris and the team!

Ellie Vassy

Fund Accounting Manager

Before I joined the Inner Circle Peer group I simply had an idea. Christian helped me to focus on my foundations which gave me clarity. I’m really enjoying getting to know all of the other members via the group sessions. I’m now building my connections and making new ones. Thank you

Neil Stephens



Whilst it is possible to launch a new business and quit your job within 12 months (should that be your goal), the reality is that for most people it often takes between 2-3 years, and in some cases longer. One thing is for certain however; the more that you surround yourself with others who are also striving to achieve the same level of success as you are, who are vibrating at a similar energy level, and who are eager to learn and connect with people who can help them to accelerate their journey towards financial independence…. the chances that you will also progress faster towards your desired outcome dramatically increases too.