Escape Plan Call


Speak directly with Christian Rodwell, Founder of Escape The Rat Race, to map out your very own personalised 12 month Escape Plan, across an in depth 3 Part Process.



The purpose of the Escape Plan Call is to provide you with a road map [Escape Plan], which is personal to you and based upon your own unique circumstances [time, income, skills, interests, commitments, desire to succeed etc].

During the process you will be required to give serious consideration to the driving motivators behind why you wish to escape, how you will tell when you have achieved your goals, and most importantly – how you are going to achieve all of this.

The Escape Plan will challenge your current thinking and open your eyes to what’s possible. It will give you clarity and direction.

You will receive a copy of your own personalised Escape Plan emailed to you, along with a private copy of the recording which you can refer back to, ensuring you don’t miss any important ideas during the conversation.

What happens after you purchase the Escape Plan?

PART 1: Immediately after checkout you will receive an email which will include 2 important links. The first link will take you to the online calendar where you can select the date and time you would like to arrange your 1-2-1 Escape Plan Call with Christian Rodwell. The second link will take you to an online questionnaire which will ask you a series of detailed and thought provoking questions which you must complete at least 48hrs before your 1-2-1 call. [Approx Time Frame: 60 minutes]

PART 2: Your 1-2-1 online video call with Christian Rodwell. During this call Christian will review the answers you provide via the online questionnaire with you, probing further in order to help you find the answers that will help you to create a clear vision of what it is that you truly wish to achieve. [Time Frame: 60 minutes]

PART 3: Your Personalised Escape Plan. Within 24 hours of your 1-2-1 Call you will receive, by email, a copy of your personalised Escape Plan. Use this as your road map to navigate your way forwards in your bid to escape your 9-5 and build your own long-term wealth [Preparation Time: 60 mins]

All information shared prior, during, and after the call is strictly confidential. No information will be shared with anybody other than Christian and yourself.


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