Would you like to build your own personal property portfolio, generating monthly income and building an appreciating asset base over time? If you are serious about learning what it takes to transition from employee to entrepreneur, and would like to use property as your chosen vehicle towards freedom over the next 12 months, then this programme is for you.

The #ETRR 12 month Property Academy programme will assist you in achieving your property objectives, as well as gaining hands-on experience by working alongside like-minded property investors. By being part of The #ETRR Property Academy mentoring group you will get access to Rohit Santa and Christian Rodwell for a full year, as well as their black book of contacts, business templates, documents and tools.

GROUP SIZE: Each group is limited to no more than 12 people, as it creates a highly supportive ‘team’ bond amongst one another, providing motivation and encouragement to succeed.

SCHEDULE [12 Months]: Initial 1-2-1 Business Planning Meeting [2 hour] / Bi-Weekly Group Conference Call [60 Minutes] / Bi-Monthly ‘Round Table’ Strategy Workshop. 24/7 Access to Private Academy Members Whatsapp Group and Telephone Support from both Rohit Santa & Christian Rodwell


1. Individual Member – One Time Payment of £2750 OR 12 Monthly Payments of £250

2. Partnership Plan – If you would like to join the program as a partnership, the cost will be 12 Monthly Payments of £300 [No Pay In Full Discount]



What’s included in your 12 month membership to the #ETRR Property Academy mentoring programme?

  • Introductory 2 Hour 1-2-1 ‘brainstorm’ session with both mentors so that you can get absolutely clear on your reason ‘why’, and break down all the steps that will be required to help you achieve your property goals in the shortest time possible.
  • Bi-weekly Group Coaching Call addressing your priorities, and tailored to your specific needs at that time.
  • Bimonthly round table ‘strategy sessions’ where all group members come together for 3 hours to learn about a new strategy to help you grow your property business
  • Private Whatsapp Group Support & Accountability. ‘Anytime’ access to support. Post here whenever you have questions or want to share news of a ‘win’ with the rest of the group and mentors

Only Apply To Join The #ETRR Property Academy Mentoring Program….

  • If you want to begin growing your own property portfolio as soon as possible
  • If you are prepared to put in the necessary work to implement the strategies which the mentors will be showing you
  • If you want to work with a mentor on a more personal level rather than being one of 40 people sat in a classroom learning theory
  • If you want to fast track your learning by working with someone who has over 10 years experience in property investing
  • If you know that you need someone unconnected to you who has already experienced the same feelings and been confronted with the same challenges to show you how to succeed

What bonuses are included?

  • Access to Christian & Rohit’s ‘Black Book’ of industry contacts including Solicitors, Mortgage Brokers and Tradesmen
  • Access to the #ETRR Property Academy Private Facebook Group full of ‘ready to use’ deal analysis spreadsheets, phone scripts, flyer templates, contracts and agreements
  • Access to property investor tours where you can see live refurbishment projects, extensions etc and ask all the questions about costs, regulations and time frames
  • An essential step in being able to successfully transition from an employee mindset to an entrepreneurial mindset is to get absolutely clear on what your strengths and weaknesses are based on your own unique personality and genius type. As a member of the #ETRR Business Academy you will be given access to take the Wealth Dynamics Entrepreneur Profile Test (Value $97) to determine which of the Eight Entrepreneur Types you are, and you will learn the immense value that this will provide you with as you progress through the training program [one token per Partnership Plan]

How can the programme fast track your property success?

There are many different strategies which can be used to help you reach your own personal goals, and we will help you to identify which is the best for you. During your initial consultation session we will work out what your time and money constraints are, and create a property business plan to focus on the most important tasks for you to focus on immediately.

You will be required to report weekly on your activity and results. This accountability is the key to consistently making progress, and building momentum within your business.


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