Escape the Rat Race Radio 

EP56: How To Align Your Life With Your Career- Chelsea Dinsmore

How do you escape your 9-5 and successfully live out your life’s greatest passions? Chelsea Dinsmore has the answer in today’s show!


  • The story behind the early beginnings of Live Your Legend
  • The tragic circumstances that occurred during a round the world trip which changed the direction of Chelsea’s life in an instant
  • The ‘Passion At Work’ framework that helps people to get closer to the question of ‘If money was no object, what work would you do?’
  • Why you shouldn’t beat yourself up if you can’t put your finger on your ‘passion’ immediately
  • The secret ingredient that’s required to help you monetise your passion
  • Why Chelsea believes it is important to align the seasons of your life and align them with your current stage you’re at
  • The first step to changing your current situation is to believe that it’s possible


PODCAST EPISODE 056: Chelsea Dinsmore

My name is Christian Rodwell and today I’m talking with Chelsea Dinsmore, the Owner and Chief of Community Happiness at Live Your Legend; a community whose mission it is to change the world by helping people discover more meaningful work and making a living out of doing what they love.

Live Your Legend hosts monthly in-person meet-ups in over 250 cities in nearly 70 countries, focused on creating in-person connections with like-minded living legends.

Chelsea is an Independent woman who loves to travel the world, cook great food, and be close to the Ocean, all whilst constantly learning more about herself and others. She has made it her mission to see that the vision of her late husband, Scott Dinsmore, the Founder of Live Your Legend, continues to shine brightly.

I think you’re going to really appreciate Chelsea’s honest and authentic approach to finding the answers to those difficult questions which we’re often presented with when we embark upon this journey of self-development, so with that being said…let’s jump straight into my conversation with the owner of Live Your Legend, Chelsea Dinsmore.


‘When you show up in the World as an inspired, passionate and the best version of you, it really creates a lot of positivity around you’– Chelsea Dinsmore

‘When you’re aligned you’re taking inspired action in the present moment, so it’s right, right now’– Chelsea Dinsmore

‘When you follow your curiosity often it leads you to the things that you actually love and you enjoy doing’– Chelsea Dinsmore

‘If your primary focus is on money, you’re going to find yourself feeling unfulfilled’– Chelsea Dinsmore

‘For anything to change, you first have to believe that it’s possible’– Chelsea Dinsmore

‘Inspiration is one thing, but if you’re not pairing that with action, you’re not going to get very far’– Chelsea Dinsmore