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EP58: How To Increase Your Website Traffic- Jill Stanton 

Would you like to learn how to create a dangerously effective sales funnel to drive more traffic to your online business? Jill Stanton has the answer in today’s show!


  • How Jill and her husband Josh got started in the world of internet business through affiliate sites back in 2012
  • The first questions to ask when thinking about starting an online business; ‘what do you like?’ and ‘what are you good at?’
  • Why you have to be prepared to put in the hard work in the early years of your business and why the 3 year mark can often be that tipping point where it all begins to pay off
  • Jill’s top tips to help you to begin generating more traffic to your online business
  • The importance of talking to people to find out what they actually need help with so that you can create the right products that people want to buy from you
  • Some of the challenges with the Digital Nomad lifestyle
  • How to create dangerously effective sales funnels for your online business
  • Why Instagram stories are working really well to help connect with fans and build your brand


PODCAST  EPISODE 058 :  Jill Stanton 

My name is Christian Rodwell and today I’m talking with online Entrepreneur, content marketing supremo and Queen of all things ‘Screw’, Jill Stanton

Jill is the shy, retiring…reluctant front woman of the Screw the Nine To Five Community, but there’s absolutely no doubt that over the last 5 years that Jill has become an Expert when it comes to helping aspiring entrepreneurs launch their own online businesses, create dangerously effective automated sales funnels, and establish their own online communities.

So, today I’m hoping that we’ll be able to extract a few tips, tricks and secrets that can help YOU when it comes to Building Your Personal Brand, and getting the great results that you deserve in your business.


‘It doesn’t need to be complicated, you can just start out lean, making smart little changes as you go’- Jill Stanton

‘Just hang in there if you can, and if you can’t – then you probably weren’t meant to be an entrepreneur anyway’- Jill Stanton

‘Why would you want to stay stuck in something you don’t love, because you’re afraid of a little change?- Jill Stanton

‘Some of the most successful businesses are built off the back of content, so how can you make that happen in your space?’- Jill Stanton

‘Just to talk to people, find out what problems you can solve’- Jill Stanton