Behind The Scenes Of Writing My Book ‘Sack Your Boss’

Have you reached that point in your job where you’re thinking ‘enough is enough’? Are you ready to sack your boss and start a business you love?


  • What each of the 5 Steps are within The Five Step Freedom Formula and why they have a specific order
  • Why I chose not to go to University and the steps I took to land my dream job working for one of the World’s most successful record companies at the age of 19
  • Why you need a structure to support you during your transition from employee to starting your own business
  • Why it’s absolutely essential to understand yourself first before you begin to search for your ‘winning strategy’
  • Why Fear is so often the number one thing that holds people back from taking the leap of faith to quit their 9-5 and what you can do to overcome that
  • How to plan your escape by breaking down your big goals into 90 day sprints
  • The importance of finding your own entrepreneurial team as early on in your journey as possible
  • How to find your natural flow as an entrepreneur
  • The ripple effect that every single sale of ‘Sack Your Boss’ book will have as part of the Escape The Rat Race partnership with B1G1


PODCAST  EPISODE 065: Behind The Scenes Of Writing My Book ‘Sack Your Boss

Have you reached that point in your job where you’re thinking ‘enough is enough’? Are you ready to sack your boss and start a business you love?

On today’s show we’re switching things up and I will be in the hot seat for a change talking about my brand new book ‘Sack Your Boss: The Ultimate Guide To Escape Your 9-5’.

I’m joined by my good friend and fellow Author, Lex McKee. Lex will be posing the questions to find out the story behind the writing of the book, what it’s all about and who I’ve written it for.

The book is currently available for Pre-Order Worldwide for a special discounted offer of just £0.99 – Pre-Order ‘Sack Your Boss’ Book


‘It’s easier just to keep on doing it [a job you don’t enjoy] than to actually take that leap of faith and really, really step outside of your comfort zone’- Christian Rodwell 

‘All of the strategies work. What people need to understand is that not every strategy will work for every person’- Christian Rodwell 

‘Getting up, doing that daily commute, sitting at your desk, looking at the clock all day long and just waiting for Friday to come. That is not a way to spend your life’- Christian Rodwell 

‘When you take that leap of faith and ‘feel the fear and just do it anyway’ the world has a funny way of things just falling into place’ – Christian Rodwell 

‘When I ask people ‘what does escape the rat race mean to you?’, 99 times out of 100 the answer I get back is ‘freedom’’- Christian Rodwell 

‘When you understand all that chit-chat [in your head] is false, it’s stuff either in the past or in the future but not actually the reality of right now – then you can put that into perspective’- Christian Rodwell 

‘When you know what your entrepreneur profile is it’s unbelievable how it gives you that clarity and focus’- Christian Rodwell