Natalie Sisson – What Exactly Is A Lifestyle Business?

What exactly is a lifestyle business?


  • Where the name ‘suitcase entrepreneur’ first came from and why it so encapsulated everything that Natalie stood for at that time
  • The 180 shift that occurred in 2016 which led Natalie to re-evaluate her positioning and forge a new direction in the way she works with aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Why taking one of the personality tests that exist online can really help you to understand your natural strengths as an entrepreneur
  • The pros & Cons of living a Suitcase Entrepreneurs lifestyle
  • The 2 different approaches you can take when starting an online business of your own
  • The value ladder of products and services which can become the backbone of your digital nomad business


PODCAST  EPISODE 066:  Natalie Sisson [Suitcase Entrepreneur]

My name is Christian Rodwell and today I’m talking with Natalie Sisson. After eight years in the corporate world, Natalie left her high-paying job that was sucking the life out of her creativity and ability to put a dent in the world and flew off to another country to play World Championship Ultimate Frisbee and start her first business.

After cutting her teeth in the entrepreneurial world as a co-founder of a technology start-up, she went on to take her blog, The Suitcase Entrepreneur, and turn it into the thriving multiple six-figure lifestyle businesses she can run from just a laptop and her smartphone.

Driven by her desire to obtain what most value so highly but few achieve—ultimate freedom—she spent the first two years hustling like crazy, making the same mistakes most new business owners do, and learning a lot of hard lessons before she developed the blueprint to building a thriving online business and her dream global lifestyle.

Now, Natalie teaches thousands of entrepreneurs around through her online programs, workshops, and retreats. She is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs uncover the life-changing habits, tools, routines, and mindset to experience more everyday personal and professional freedom, so they can truly live the life they desire while running a profitable business they love.


‘If anything I think travelling the world is actually cheaper than staying in a set place as you don’t have all those overhead costs’ – Natalie Sisson

‘It’s important to follow and emulate great mentors when you start out but don’t get trapped by following and copying them’– Natalie Sisson

‘Be intentional about the design of your business to support your lifestyle’– Natalie Sisson

‘An entrepreneur is somebody who sees the opportunity, seizes it and does it on their own terms whilst making a profit and an impact’– Natalie Sisson

‘I’m always constantly amazed at just how many years can go by before people wake up and realise ‘if I’d just started back then, look at where I could be now’’– Natalie Sisson