Sveta & James Longley  -Why You Must Amplify What’s Working In Your Business

How can you prevent overcomplicating your business and ending up paralysed with overwhelm and indecision?


  • Why it’s important to understand first what stage is your business at, before deciding which systems to put in place
  • How to know when to focus on the right things at the right time
  • leveraging the best free/low-cost online tools needed to run your own successful business
  • Why it can be so easy to get attracted to the latest new trend in marketing or ‘shiny penny’ and how getting clear on your own systems can reduce these distractions
  • The importance of human relationships are still integral in business and that cannot be replaced by automation – but it can be amplified
  • Simplicity is key at the early stages of validating whether your product or service has demand in the marketplace ‘good enough’ beats perfection every time!


PODCAST  EPISODE 069: Sveta & James Longley [Systems Matter]

My name is Christian Rodwell and today I’m talking with Sveta & James Longley, the husband and wife team behind Systems HQ who left behind their corporate copywriting and conversion consultancy roles to work instead on creating a business that would have a positive impact on the people they worked with.

Systems HQ is an online platform and community where small business owners and entrepreneurs can develop and implement more effective ways of going about their daily tasks that amplify what’s already working in their own business.

James & Sveta are experts at helping you identify exactly where to start, where your systems ‘leaks’ are and which systems will make you more money – giving you the answers and support you need to focus on implementing your systems and actually growing your business.

Creating systems in your business doesn’t always necessarily mean automating everything, although in today’s conversation I will also be asking James & Sveta for their tips on some of the best free/low-cost online tools needed to run your own successful business.


‘There is no such thing as managing your time, it’s managing what you do within that time’– Sveta & James Longley

‘It’s as simple as saying ‘what are the steps that have to happen every time i do this’’– Sveta & James Longley

‘Even doing the right things but at the wrong time – can lead you to a lot of wasted time, money and energy’– Sveta & James Longley

‘Since GDPR came into effect it really helped us focus on the fact that business is about relationships first and foremost’– Sveta & James Longley

‘A great question that can help lead you to that simplicity and focus is, ‘what activity, right now is closest to the money’’– Sveta & James Longley

‘You learn in the process, and we all started from that point of fear – and that fear doesn’t go away’ Sveta & James Longley