Wednesday 10 January 2018

Christian Rodwell 

‘Ideas + Action = Results. Set your intention for 2018’

Dear Go-getters!

This months workshop is dedicated to helping YOU discover your Genius, and find YOUR Flow. We promise a transformational evening!

We will help you to get REALLY clear about what YOU are good at, and how to intuitively know whether a particular opportunity is suited to you….or NOT!

One of the biggest factors I have seen contributing to people not taking action, is LACK OF CLARITY. Not knowing which is the right opportunity for them.

And I completely get it.

We are faced with so much information, so many ‘promises’ of the next best online system, the secret to making money trading , or the ‘Ultimate’ this , that or the other! How do you know who to trust?

All it leads to is Overwhelm. Analysis paralysis. Either doing nothing, or shelling out for an expensive course that you never end up completing.

Self Development? Try Shelf Development! (maybe you have a few folders gathering dust at home like I do? 😉

It is my personal mission, through Escape The Rat Race, to help you save TIME and MONEY. If you are considering leaving a well paid, secure job….to pursue a life of freedom and riches by creating a business and working for yourself…..then you’d better choose the path VERY carefully. Or else the sharks will bite!

Our Very Special Guest Speaker This Month Is:

Lex McKee & Christian Rodwell

‘How To Discover Your True Entrepreneurial Path (Workshop)’


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How secure is your 9-5 job? What would happen if you were made redundant tomorrow?

Our mission is to support frustrated employees by showing you how you can start your own business and quit your 9-5 job. There is no fast track to success, and it won’t be easy….but it is worth it.

Every month our group of ‘escapees’ get together to make new connections and share ideas which will help you move towards your goal of becoming financially independent, and being able to generate additional income from different business opportunities.



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Every month we invite high profile speakers that have already escaped the rat race to come and share valuable insights including strategies and the challenges they faced along the way. Starting a business is not for everyone, and if you are truly committed to a life with more freedom then you are going to have to learn how to begin shifting your thinking from employee mindset to that of an entrepreneur. Every event is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people who are all share a common goal, are very friendly and there to help one another by sharing what is working and what is not.

Whether you are completely brand new to the world of personal development and business, or you already work for yourself but are looking for new ideas and to build your network – you’ll find the level of support that you need here.


We’ll be kicking off the first #ETRR Monthly Meetup Event of 2018 with Founder and host, Christian Rodwell leading the proceedings and making sure that you are approaching the next 12 months with the right mindset for success. This will be a practical session where you will be shown what you need to do to start following your passion, taking control again of your time and building your own streams of income…..rather than continuing to spin round and round the hamster wheel for another year taking orders from somebody else.

You will also have an opportunity to meet some of the #ETRR mentors who will be available to answer your questions around all areas of business, property and trading.

If you’re serious about changing your current situation as fast as possible, book yourself a ticket and commit to making 2018 your year of personal change and improvement. Get Connected to the #ETRR Private Facebook Group Today –