Wednesday 2nd November 2016

Christian Rodwell & Lex McKee

‘How To Discover Your True Entrepreneurial Path (Workshop)’

Dear Go-getters!

This months workshop is dedicated to helping YOU discover your Genius, and find YOUR Flow. We promise a transformational evening!

We will help you to get REALLY clear about what YOU are good at, and how to intuitively know whether a particular opportunity is suited to you….or NOT!

One of the biggest factors I have seen contributing to people not taking action, is LACK OF CLARITY. Not knowing which is the right opportunity for them.

And I completely get it.

We are faced with so much information, so many ‘promises’ of the next best online system, the secret to making money trading , or the ‘Ultimate’ this , that or the other! How do you know who to trust?

All it leads to is Overwhelm. Analysis paralysis. Either doing nothing, or shelling out for an expensive course that you never end up completing.

Self Development? Try Shelf Development! (maybe you have a few folders gathering dust at home like I do? 😉

It is my personal mission, through Escape The Rat Race, to help you save TIME and MONEY. If you are considering leaving a well paid, secure job….to pursue a life of freedom and riches by creating a business and working for yourself…..then you’d better choose the path VERY carefully. Or else the sharks will bite!

Our Very Special Guest Speaker This Month Is:

Lex McKee & Christian Rodwell

‘How To Discover Your True Entrepreneurial Path (Workshop)’


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How To Discover Your True Entrepreneurial Path (Workshop)

Have you ever met someone stuck in a job, dreaming of being their own boss but never making the move? Or have you met someone who made the move only to find the formula that made them a great employee is now making them a terrible entrepreneur? Have you ever met someone who grew a small business to earn their freedom only to find they can’t even afford to take a holiday?

We have all had the feeling where nothing seems to go to plan, everything feels like hard work and life is an endless struggle. We have also all had the feeling where we are on top of the world, luck is on our side and life’s a breeze. This is flow.

When you become clear about what get’s you into flow, life becomes easier. Work becomes more enjoyable, and time passes quicker. You have a feeling of contribution, and you are appreciated more by those around you.

• You will leave the event with a completely new outlook on the current work you do, and how you can increase your effectiveness……whether that is as an employee, or within your own business….or your money back!!

• BE PREPARED!! It is highly likely that you will discover throughout the workshop that the ‘job /work’ you currently spend 40+ hours per week on, is actually the complete opposite of what you should be doing in order to move closer to the success you are after.

This workshop will allow you to measure how much (or how little) you are tuned in to your flow today. It will also give you the direction and tools to step into your flow immediately. This is the essential first step to creating momentum and clarity in all aspects of your job, your business and your life.

At school we were taught to be a good ‘all rounder’, and when we received bad marks in a subject we hated, we were expected to focus harder to improve on our weak areas.

As we move into adult life, this conditioning tends to stay with us – when in fact what we should be focusing on at this stage is identifying what we are really good at, and what we enjoy the most – and finding other people to help take care of the tasks that we are so naturally good at. Doesn’t that make more sense?


This workshop will help you to:

• Identify what things really make you ‘tick’ and why you should start doing more of this

• Recall the activities that actually give you the most pleasure which you have increasingly neglected over the years (be mindful if you’re bringing a partner!)

• Provide you with a clear direction towards the type of business you should be considering in order to generate more income and / or Escape The Rat Race.

• Identify the types of people you will need to align with in order for you to build a successful team (great for employees to understand, this will give you REAL ammunition when you head into the office the next day!)

• Remove all of the sh*t tasks from your daily / weekly schedule that you dread doing and always put off for as long as possible.

• Identify which of the 8 Entrepreneurial Profiles (below) YOU might fit into, WHY this matters, and WHAT it means