Wednesday 11th January 2017

Christian Rodwell

‘Your 3 Steps To Escape The Rat Race In 2017’ & Penny Sophocleous

‘Introduction to Robert Kiyosaki’s (Rich Dad) Cashflow 101 Board Game’

Dear Go-getters!

Over the last 24 months I have been hosting monthly meetup events for early-stage entrepreneurs in London. We now have over 1500 members within our community. At the start of 2016 I partnered with John Kettley of The Sales Masters Guild to launch the ETRR Business Mentoring Programme. This programme was specifically programmed to teach people who are still in full time employment everything they need to know about starting a brand new business, and supporting them at every stage over a 12 month period.

In 2016 I also decided to obtain my Flow Consultant Accreditation from The Entrepreneurs Institute, and began to work 1-2-1 with the Founder, and creator of Wealth Dynamics; Roger Hamilton.

Since my first introduction to the world of Personal Development in 2004, when my friend slipped a CD into his car player of a man named Jim Rohn, I have become a student of the subject, and made it a personal mission to find out if what all of the books, audios, famous gurus actually tell us is true about ‘whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve’. I have surrounded myself with people who are living proof that this is possible. I’ve attended some of the biggest events from Tony Robbins, and been coached by Rich Dad Advisors (Robert Kiyosaki).

What I can share with you, is that despite all of the information available out there on the www and all of the many millions of different books, online courses, weekend events, and ‘guru’s that will be quick to take a buck off you for the internet’s hidden ‘secret to success’……….the formula is very simple.

Our Very Special Guest Speaker This Month Is:

Christian Rodwell & Penny Sophocleous

‘Your 3 Steps To Escape The Rat Race In 2017’


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Escape The Rat Race monthly meetup events feature world class speakers sharing their own success stories.

Every month we get together to discuss and share ideas to help our members move towards their goal of becoming financially independent, enjoy more freedom, and be able to generate additional income from different business opportunities.

We have high profile speakers that have already escaped the rat race and have valuable insights based on proven past experience which can massively help you to progress towards your own quest for living a life on your own terms, without having to get up and go to work every day for someone else.

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Every event is a great opportunity for you to meet like-minded people who all share a common goal, and who are very friendly and there to help one another by sharing what is working and what is not.

Whether you are completely brand new to the world of personal development and business, or you already work for yourself but are looking for new ideas and to build your network, you’ll be sure to find what and who it is that you’re looking for


Your 3 Steps To Escape The Rat Race In 2017

Is the work you’re currently doing allowing you to make an impact in the world and achieve your true potential?

Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough time to focus on the the things you enjoy doing most, because you are working for somebody else trading your time for money?

Or perhaps you are one of the many people concerned about the future of your current job, and whether you will still have a role to play within the next 12 months?

Gone are the days when we could safely say that our job was ‘secure’, and that our hard work for the company would be rewarded with a pension that would allow us to sit back and relax in our later years. The retirement age keeps moving back so people will be forced to work until they are 70. Lifetime, or even family mortgages (which pass through generations) will be necessary shortly.

In London, people are being forced to spend over twelve times their income in order to purchase a house, compared to between 3-4 times their salary back in 1995.

The gap is widening.

What are you doing to take control of the situation, and ensure that your future is decided by you…….not reliant on somebody else?

The Entrepreneur Movement is the largest global shift in vocation the world has ever seen. The problem, however, is that most people currently working for somebody else, don’t know what steps they to take in order to begin the transition from employee to entrepreneur.

Each one of us has access to all of the world’s information at the click of a mouse. The problem we have is not a lack of information. The problem we have is a lack of direction.

If you are aspiring to be an entrepreneur, the challenge is even greater. Our education system today does not train our young people to be able to grow their own business. Instead, they are training them for jobs (despite, by current estimates, 50% of existing jobs disappearing due to technology in the next 10 years).

Independence And Freedom From Being Tied To The Employment System

At the beginning of the new millennium, there were less than 100 million entrepreneurs on the planet. Today, the number is over 400 million, and there will be a projected 1 billion entrepreneurs by 2020.

If you feel the same as me, then you are looking for a better lifestyle today. The freedom to control how your spend your time, and allowing us to meet people with different kinds of expertise and focused on the same goal. We want to feel passionate about the work we do each day, to feel inspired and motivated to make an impact in the world, by expressing our own identity and helping others.

We want debt-free living, the freedom to be our own person, and be in control of our own destiny.

So what’s stopping you?

In most cases, the only thing stopping us is our own self-doubt, our own limiting beliefs, and being too afraid to push ourselves enough until we feel uncomfortable and being able to Just Do It!

And how do you think you will feel at the end of your life when you think back to now, to 2017, when you had EVERYTHING available to you to make the changes required to ensure that your life took a very, very different pathway…….but you didn’t. You copped out.

Is it good enough to just say ‘Ah well, I gave it a go but……it just didn’t work out’ or ‘That entrepreneur life just wasn’t for me’?

We have everything that we need to make our lives very, very different. To design our life exactly how we want it to look like. And I believe that if you focus strongly enough on it, and don’t let ANYTHING get in the way of your future vision……..then you can make that a reality within 3-5 years. Just look at how fast companies such as Airbnb or Uber launched and became billion dollar companies.

Escape The Rat Race….within 12 months? You bet you can. Have we got members of the ETRR community who can testify to that. Absolutely.