I want to quit my 9-5 job and start my own business….but don’t know where to begin

I’ve started working on an idea….now I need help to turn it into a profitable business

If you’ve had enough of working for somebody else and you would like more freedom in your life, then you’re in the right place.

At Escape The Rat Race (#ETRR), we help people to generate additional revenue streams alongside their 9-5 jobs, so that they can enjoy more choice and freedom in their lives.

Once we’ve helped you to get absolutely clear on ‘why’ you want to change your current situation, we then connect you with experienced business mentors and successful entrepreneurs who will help you to take the first steps towards escaping your 9-5.

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If escaping the rat race is something you want to do, your first step is to book your free ticket to our Monthly Meetup event.


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